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OneLogin x Mindflow


By mindflow

Mindflow and OneLogin have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

OneLogin Overview

OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) provider that designs, develops, and sells unified access management (UAM) platform at the enterprise level.

With the Trusted Experience Platform, users can connect all their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly.

The solution allows users to access the applications and other resources they need to do their job by logging in once to a single interface, thanks to a Single Sign-on (SSO) experience.

By integrating with OneLogin, Mindflow enables its users to use a complete IAM solution in tandem with remediation solutions integrated into the platform.



  • Best-in-Class Operational Efficiency: the flexible platform helps Enterprises scale quickly on the path to digital transformation
  • Single Sign-On: one set of credentials gives employees access to the apps they need—in the cloud and behind the firewall—on any device
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and policy-based access control: keep your critical corporate data safe with OneLogin’s risk-based SmartFactor Authentication, driven by machine learning, which calculates risk scores and dynamically adjusts authentication requirements to balance usability and security
  • Cloud Directory: create, update, and remove users in multiple directories from a centralized source of truth, directly within OneLogin. Sync your directories and HR information with identities across the organization.
  • User Provisioning and Deprovisioning: Automate and streamline user management across apps with straightforward user provisioning. Fast onboarding gives different users appropriate entitlements, and fast offboarding disables users within seconds, preventing unauthorized access

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