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Providing answers to real problems

Our company is dedicated to bringing answers to the challenges the cybersecurity field and beyond face today.

We strongly believe that adopting a new approach based on accessibility, automation, and collaboration can foster changes inside every company. This vision fosters digital transformation by eliminating repetitive and low-value-added tasks. We also provide a lasting solution to chronic issues such as workforce shortages or to the increasingly hostile environment every organization endures in the cyberspace.

Our product philosophy

We are optimists who love to work together

Why join Mindflow

As a company, we believe that we can reshape entire IT, Digital & Cyber Industries by bringing no-code thinking to every layer of businesses. 
We are looking for the best talent to be part of this journey and be the root of our cultural DNA.


People should thrive at their jobs and achieve their best selves. 



Building simplicity requires complexity. Everything happens for a reason.



We embrace the initiative and challenge the status quo.

In it for the long haul

We are supported by VCs and Angels such as Olivier Pomel, Datadog's CEO, Nauta Capital, Cyber Impact Venture, and Thales Corporate Venture

"Our mission is to empower Ops teams to replace mundane tasks and free their creativity for building impact."
Paul-Arthur Jonville, CEO
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Mindflow is growing fast, we aim to recruit top talents from everywhere to come and take a part in what we are building. We are always looking for new talents to join the adventure. Have a look at our job openings by visiting this link.


Mindflow is engaged in an extensive security program to provide you with a product and a company that you can trust. You can check our Security page to learn about the policies and controls in place.

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