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Facebook Threat Exchange and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Facebook Threat Exchange overview

Facebook ThreatExchange (TX or TE) is a simple-to-use threat intelligence platform that supports signal sharing among predefined groups of members.

The platform to let companies share threat intelligence. It materializes via an easy-to-use API that provides privacy controls to allow only desired sharing within limited groups. It thus keeps the shared data private although still supporting signal sharing.

Multiple companies use TX to share signals on various topics to prevent incidents, such as sharing malware, phishing scams, and terrorism signals.

To that end, TX supports three core concepts: 

  • Signals (aka ThreatIndicators)
  • Descriptions of these signals (ThreatDescriptors); and 
  • Visibility of signals

Group members to which sharing is open are allowed to share signals, react to and describe signals uploaded by other members, and they can also decide how a given signal aligns with their policies.

Signal Sharing

Platforms work together to counter malware, terrorism, and other harmful content threats. They share the signals mentioned above (like a hash) from content detected and labeled on their platform. They can thus combine trust and safety efforts to prevent more harm faster.

Each one of the participants reviews the content independently, according to its policies. Then each group member takes action according to their standards.

ThreatExchange takes its strength from its community approach to detect and counter threats. As more people are participating, it leads to a community-engineered baseline level of safety.

Each group member can create new signals. Even if they don’t, they can stick with confirming or disclaiming labels. Such action also helps to improve the community baseline of the TX platform continually.

By integrating with Facebook Threat Exchange, Mindflow thus helps small and more significant platforms participate in its extensive threat intelligence network with other platforms alike.facebook threat exchange


  • An extensible structure: the API allows users to benefit from complete information from several different companies that are working on the same problem
  • Community-based to save resources that can be reallocated somewhere else besides reducing the amount of time your teams would have needed to perform the tasks on their own
  • Consistency: Facebook Threat Exchange streamlines the addition of data about specific types of circumstances through the API

Automation Through Mindflow

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