Threat Hunting, whereas increasingly important, suffers from high skill barrier and time-intensive task

On average, it takes 212 days to detect a breach and an additional 75 days to contain it. That’s 282 days working under high risk, which grows as the breach goes on without being noticed.

As the number of these situations increases, organizations need to undertake hunting operations to learn about unknown threats and detect their presence amidst the company’s systems.

However, such activity requires dedicated skilled analysts who need to perform multiple labor-intensive tasks on different platforms. Considering the scarcity of human resources, many organizations cannot afford such professionals and lack this proactive defense stance. As a result, they are vulnerable to more advanced threats, which are sometimes the most dangerous.

A Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response tool (SOAR) understands these needs and empowers analysts by automating the different processes needed to keep afoot of the threat landscape.

Democratize SecOps in your organization

Automate tasks needed to hunt down unknown threats

Automating the hunt for new Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures and Indicators of Compromise enables teams to check and detect new threats faster.

Centralize the management of tools and services used for Threat Hunting

Being able to gather and analyze data ingested from different sources and implement them in your threat base without human intervention allow analysts to save a crucial amount of time and avoid switching between multiple panels.


  • Check RSS and TI feeds and Research databases;
  • Ingest intel such as TTPs and IoCs not yet known;
  • Create a report on new intel added;
  • Check systems for corresponding intel;
  • In case of a match, collect additional pieces of intel on tools such as SIEM, EDR, or network monitors;
  • Enrich the incident in a report notified to the analyst;

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