Insider threats are costly and long to detect and contain

Among the top causes of security in companies, three are related to an insider threat:

  • Compromised insider: an employee has given access, unintentionally, through phishing, for instance, to an attacker.
  • Malicious insider: employees, former employees, contractors, or associates deliberately cause harm to your company by stealing intellectual property or customer information for financial interest or causing disruption.
  • Negligent insiders: employees or contractors who deliberately bypass security policies out of convenience or incompetence.

These types of threats have been among the longest to be detected and contained for years.

Internal threats are one of the costliest threats in total cost induced ($11.45M in 2020). They’re also increasing fast, by almost 50% on a year-to-year basis, between 2019 and 2020.

These threats don’t set off alerts in most security tools because threat actors appear to be legitimate users.

Tools such as User Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) or a next-generation SIEM can help decipher these threats via behavioral analysis.

Here, Mindflow can help on the next step with playbooks that will automatically act upon what has been detected by your next-gen SIEM or UEBA.

Democratize SecOps in your organization

Detect internal threats suspicions

Behavior analysis tools detect anomalous behavior diverging from established baselines, such as unusual access to data or privilege escalation, and report to the agents IoCs.

Forbid data exfiltration

Connecting with other tools allows the agents to trigger playbooks to quarantine suspected behavior until the behavior has been checked for legitimacy.


  • Next-gen SIEM or UEBA build baseline behavior thanks to ML/AI, based upon history logs;
  • Continuous monitoring to detect any behavior exceeding the baseline;
  • When detecting an anomaly, trigger MFA and/or notify the alert to the agent;
  • If behavior is approved, allow the traffic;
  • If behavior is deemed as malicious, revoke access.

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