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Email Phishing

Phishing is one of the most important threats organizations face

Three billion phishing emails are sent every day.

57% of organizations surveyed reported successful phishing attacks in 2020. Such attacks imply substantial costs for companies: loss of data, credential compromise, ransomware or other malware infection and financial loss.

Phishing attacks still widely operate by spoofing which can be laborious to detect manually. The problem comes up when analysts have to dedicate a substantial part of their daily time to triage alerts—a burdensome and repetitive task, prone to errors.

Analysts need a platform that can manage the entire workflow to avoid such errors and, more generally, better prepare the detection and response. Mindflow allows analysts to draw stable and straightforward workflows by connecting all the tools required to automate these time-consuming tasks

Democratize SecOps in your organization

Improve phishing detection process

With streamlined workflows, processes are easy to build, understand, and easily extended across the organization.

Improve coverage

Automating these tasks helps analysts to manage large amounts of data flowing through the organization’s network.

Reduce time to respond

The main benefit of automation would be to enable analysts to circumvent any event predicted in the workflows in seconds, dramatically limiting the impact of any breach.


  • Pull out the suspected emails from inboxes and send a receipt to the end-users;
  • Extract any relevant indicators;
  • Confront clues against threat intelligence resources;
  • Email can be safely executed on sandbox;
  • A ticket is opened, degree of severity is assigned;
  • Endpoints compromised are quarantined;
  • Suspicious emails are all deleted, end-users are notified;
  • Passwords are changed.

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