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Due to the sensitivity of data that some employee have access to, user lifecycle management becomes crucial

The user’s lifecycle is paved in risks from onboarding to offboarding and the time between.

As the variety of accesses is increasing due to the diversity of the applications and services provided via Web Apps, so are the risks. Mismanagement during an employee offboarding can leave black holes in the company’s security stance, leading to facilitated attacks. The same goes for onboarding.

Concerning the user’s monitoring, constant vigilance is necessary because of the sensibility of information detained by employees. Human errors are still the first way-in for attackers even more since BYOD and remote work are increasing. Being able to detect abnormal behavior on devices and actions performed by users is thus essential.

Managing the different stages of a user lifecycle manually is time-intensive, prone to the multiplication of panes of glass, and highly repetitive with low-value-added. Orchestrating and automating the whole cycle is a way to gain productivity while preserving the company’s integrity.

Democratize SecOps in your organization

By automating the user lifecycle management connect disjointed processes and keep track of actions performed

Build workflows to automate onboarding and offboarding on applications and services necessary to user’s tasks. Keep track of tasks performed and real-time status of every authorization.

Monitor user’s abnormal activity to contain any incoming breaches

Combine different tools such as UEBA, EDR, and netflow monitoring to detect and remediate abnormal behavior as soon as the suspicious activity is confirmed.


Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Onboard and offboard users to apps and services corresponding;
  • Fetch user accounts to keep track of the status;
  • Return update after the workflow is performed.

Suspicious activity monitoring

  • Check for suspicious user activities on UEBA, IDS/IPS, EDR;
  • If potential IoCs are detected, enrich alerts with SIEM logs and online queries for known IoCs;
  • If confirmed, isolate the user’s devices and block authorizations until a further decision from the relevant authority.

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