threat intelligence

Threat intelligence is crucial to understand who and how they are attacking you

Alerts alone are not enough to properly investigate. Additional knowledge is needed. Who is attacking, how are they proceeding, and their motives; those pieces of information are deeply rooted in data collected by security tools.
Contextualization, correlation of indicators are crucial to threat intelligence. It helps enrich alerts and understand them for further investigation. However, data is spread across multiples tools, often unconnected to each other. It creates a barrier for analysts who face an extra burden.
Mindflow allows the automation of data collection and processing helps structure raw data and connect dots between indicators of compromise (IoCs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). In short, enabling analysts to better and faster prevent future attacks.

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Threat intelligence helps improve protection

Enriching alerts with pieces of evidence such as Indicators of compromise and adding the relevant data to firewalls configuration extends the overall surface of protection.

Automated helps reduce time to detect and respond

Automating detection reduces the time needed to detect threats. Consequently, it also enables analysts to remediate faster.


  • Gathers alerts among all the tools-stack used by security teams;
  • Look for relevant IoCs amidst the gathered data;
  • Quarantine eventual suspicious data;
  • Add eventual IoCs to firewalls configuration.

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