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Incident triage

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The incident triage is a laborious task.

Triage is the first post-detection incident process. It structures the entire process and is thus essential.
However, due to the considerable growth of cyber-attacks, alerts are multiplying. Properly triaging alerts is time-consuming and exhausting. Therefore, alert fatigue and errors probability are developing. This can impact the security of the whole organization. Although triaging is a hard task, considering the risks of mismatching, it has to be done appropriately.
To perform every part of the triage in the best way possible, Mindflow provides a workflow tool helping to assign and automating tasks. In addition, to facilitate further actions, such a tool would help to correlate events reported and decipher potential threats with exhaustive analysis.

Democratize SecOps in your organization.

Improve incident triage

Streamlined workflows help improve the triage’s different steps and relieve analysts from the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks, reducing alert fatigue.

Reduce risks

Automated workflows, besides being easy to manage, are limiting potential risks by reducing false positives or mismatches.

Check a typical process

  • Alerts are gathered;
  • Relevant context and pieces of evidence are collected;
  • Enriched tickets are opened.

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