Threat detection needs to be continuously undertaken

No organization can be sure they won’t ever encounter breaches. In fact, all the enterprises will sooner or later be hacked, and the question is not if but when they will be hacked.
Therefore, companies need to continuously look for both known and unknown threats in their environment. However, such laborious tasks can prove time-consuming as they are manual and require analysts to operate on multiple platforms. That’s why the average time to identify a breach in 2020 was 228 days.
To shorten detection and remediation Mindflow can help SOC and SecOps teams to decipher and handle breaches with automated workflows, continuously checking their environment.

Democratize SecOps in your organization

Automating threat detection helps improve coverage

Continuous monitoring of inflows helps keep the same surface of protection as the company grows.

Reduce time to detect and respond

Furthermore, automated workflows dramatically lessen the time needed to detect threats and remediate them.


  • Leverage threat intelligence for known signatures;
  • Check with different tools (EDR, SIEM, and user management) for abnormal behavior;
  • In case of concordant evidence, lock user account and retrieve context;
  • Isolate the corresponding host;
  • Alert is escalated and notified;
  • Upon results, keep or unlock the user account.

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