Investigations are long and expensive

Organizations are likely to face a breach in their system at some point. Being able to look for evidence of the security vulnerabilities that allowed the breach is important to prevent future incidents.

The forensics’ mission precisely consists in providing this assistance. However, their current task is burdened with manual tasks performed across different platforms and devices.

Mindflow, by enabling the automation of the gathering of relevant evidence allow forensics to limit the need of labour intensive tasks and facilitate the investigations.

Democratize SecOps in your organization

Reduce the complexity, costs and time needed for forensic investigation

Automating the processes of relevant data collection to enable forensics to investigate reduce the complexity, costs and time needed to look for breaches and vulnerabilities across the organization.


  • Check and extract data from SIEM log;
  • Collect data from identified devices;
  • Prepare and send the collected data and SIEM’s log to forensics.

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