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endpoint protection

Endpoint protection

As endpoints multiply, protection must follow

End-user devices are in the middle of the organization’s data flows, which is often the enterprise’s most valuable asset. The risks of breaking into those endpoints have to be taken seriously. Proper endpoint protection is crucial.

Adding to this initial risk, endpoints multiplicate for various reasons (BYOD, IoTs, remote work), widening the surface to protect.

To cover the whole organization, security teams have to expand the protection surface. It leads to increasing alarms spiraling the burden of manual work needed to detect and remediate.

Mindflow, as a security orchestration, automation, and response solution, helps to automate processes and, by gathering data from the tools used, de-duplicate events and ease the prioritization of alerts for better and more responsive endpoint protection.

Democratize SecOps in your organization

Automate processes to improve overall protection

Managing and automating the processes helps streamline actions and reduce possible errors in detection and remediation therefore improving the endpoint protection.

Reduce time to respond

Automating processes helps reduce friction, and time to respond.


  • Link to the EDR tools and listen to the alerts;
  • Check across CMDB, SIEM and Threat intelligence to de-duplicate alerts;
  • Detect and kill running malicious processes, delete malicious files;
  • Enrich alerts with the relevant pieces of evidence collected;
  • Open a ticket and notify end users via integrated chat/email;
  • Update the EDR tool.

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