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Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) can help reduce cloud-based security incidents due to misconfigurations by 80%.

Misconfigurations of the cloud environment are among the most common mistakes in the cloud that can lead to a data breach. Often, they are caused by mismanagement of multiple resources, which are hard to keep track of and properly manage.

The lack of visibility is the main reason for this misconfiguration. When your company doesn’t have a clear overview of your resources interactions, a misconfiguration of your cloud environment is possible.

For instance, mistakenly granting public access to containers within your cloud that can be assigned individually to storage classes. When such access to containers is left open, they are vulnerable to attacks coming from anyone who knows where to look.

To that end, CSPM is a new category of security products that can help automate security and provide compliance assurance in the cloud.

Democratize SecOps in your organization

Cloud Security Posture Management for real-time continuous monitoring

Combining real-time and continuous monitoring of your cloud environment against sets of best practices and known security risks to detect and dynamically correct issues in your posture, thanks to robotic process automation.

Data safeguarding thanks to combination with other tools, such CASB

Combine CSPM with other tools such as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to safeguard your data flows between your cloud and your devices. A CASB is a software tool or service that can ensure flows of data security between your on-premises infrastructure and your cloud provider.


  • Alert received from cloud provider which triggers the workflow;
  • Automatic enrichment of the findings with data from multiple sources (CI/CD, Ticket Management, Asset Management);
  • Check for the credibility of the instance opened;
  • If no: automatic ending of the instance and updating of posture. Create a ticket and elevate it;
  • If yes: an exception is added. Automatic notification to the appropriate agent. Report is created and elevated to the right agent.

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