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CrowdStrike Automation with VirusTotal and URLScan for Enhanced Detection Analysis


Email Security

CrowdStrike Automation with VirusTotal and URLScan for Enhanced Detection Analysis

Mindflow effectively automates the analysis and triage of suspicious emails by orchestrating CrowdStrike, URLScan, and VirusTotal. This use case streamlines identifying potential email threats, enhancing cybersecurity response and efficiency.

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Why you need to automate Email Security ?

Opportunity Cost

📧 Delay in Email Threat Identification
🔍 Manual Analysis Inefficiency
🚨 Increased Risk from Slow Response

Impact Of Automation

🛡️ Rapid Threat Detection and Analysis
🤖 Streamlined Email Triage Process
🚀 Enhanced Cybersecurity Response

Flow Automation Highlights

🔍 Threat Analysis in Emails: Mindflow automates the process of analyzing suspicious emails using CrowdStrike, URLScan, and VirusTotal. This replaces the manual, often time-consuming task of scrutinizing each email and its contents, ensuring a faster and more accurate identification of potential threats.

🌐 URL and Attachment Scanning: The automation includes scanning URLs and attachments in emails with URLScan and VirusTotal. This step, typically done manually, is crucial for identifying hidden threats, and automation significantly speeds up the process while reducing the risk of oversight.

📊 Email Triage and Prioritization: Mindflow also automates the triage and prioritization of emails based on threat levels identified. This ensures that the most critical threats are addressed first, a process that can be slow and subjective when done manually.

Orchestration Toolbox

🦅 CrowdStrike: CrowdStrike is used for its advanced threat detection capabilities, particularly in analyzing email content for potential security threats. Mindflow leverages CrowdStrike to evaluate emails, speeding up the detection process automatically.

🔗 URLScan: URLScan is integrated for its ability to scrutinize and assess the safety of URLs contained in emails. Mindflow uses URLScan to analyze links, automatically enhancing the overall email threat assessment.

🔎 VirusTotal: VirusTotal is employed for scanning email attachments and links. Its integration into Mindflow’s workflow automates checking attachments for viruses or other malicious content, contributing to a thorough and efficient email security analysis.

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