Tenable.ep was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

Tenable.ep Overview

Tenable.ep is a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management platform providing you the tools to assess the cyber exposure of all of your assets continuously. The solution combines in a single platform Tenable.io Vulnerability Management, Tenable.io Web Application Scanning, Tenable.cs, Tenable.ad, and Tenable Lumin.

As such, Tenable.ep brings several useful capabilities listed below:

Comprehensive Assessment Options

From this platform, you can get a unified, risk-based view of all your vulnerability data and thus prioritize the vulnerabilities and remediations. In the end, you can measure the maturity of your organization’s security processes, discover issues, and improve efficiency.

The solution is built on the Nessus scanning tool. It leverages active scanners, web application scanners, agents, passive network monitoring, and cloud connectors to allow you to track and assess known and unknown assets and their vulnerabilities.

Ultimately, this set of tools increases your scan coverage capabilities and reduces blind spots.


Secure Cloud Infrastructure

The solution continuously discovers and assesses your cloud resources without needing an agent. Detect security issues quickly as new vulnerabilities are disclosed, and your cloud environment changes with instances spinning up and down.

Secure Infrastructure as Code

Integrate cloud infrastructure security into the DevOps pipeline to prevent security issues from reaching production. Quickly remediate IaC misconfigurations directly in development tools to enforce policies in both build-time and runtime. Identify discrepancies between IaC and your running cloud Environment to prevent cloud posture drift.

Automated Web Application Scanning

By harnessing automation, the platform reduces the amount of manual work needed.

Kubernetes and Container Security

Have visibility into the security posture of your container images and infrastructure and integrate security testing of new container images and Kubernetes configurations into your DevOps pipelines to ensure new builds’ compliance with policies.

Vulnerability Prioritization Based on Actual Risk

With the platform, you can leverage data sources and machine learning to prioritize discovered vulnerabilities based on the probability that they will be used in an attack. Following prioritization, the solution provides remediation guidance with a list of recommended actions to reduce cyber exposure.


Cyber Exposure Score

The Cyber Exposure Score (CES) score is generated through machine learning algorithms based on the likelihood of vulnerability exploitability and the business criticality of the impacted asset.

Process Maturity Metrics

The product provides a detailed analysis of your company’s assessment frequency, assessment depth, remediation responsiveness, and remediation coverage to highlight shortcomings, benchmark against peers, and identify actionable recommendations to improve your scores.


Deliver unified visibility on your attack surface, including IT assets, cloud services, Active Directory domains, operational technology (OT) devices, modern web apps, and containers.

Assess your Cyber Exposure Score to provide an objective measure of cyber risk to make more informed decisions.

Compare your maturity with industry peers with Cyber risk and Vulnerability management metrics.

Prioritize vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

Automation Through Mindflow

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