VMRay was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

VMRay Overview

VMRay is a platform providing automated detection and analysis of the most advanced threats. VMRay combines reputation and static and dynamic analysis capabilities thanks to an innovative sandbox technology.

Modern malware are becoming more and more sophisticated to evade traditional monitoring methods. Traditional security tools are finding their limits in their ability to detect them. VMRay Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis is taking a different approach to bring answers to this challenge.

To that end, VMRay placed the monitoring system in the hypervisor layer to monitor malware activity entirely from outside the target machine. It makes it virtually undetectable.

Instead of displacing existing systems like EDR, security email and web defenses, threat intelligence, SOAR, SIEM, and so on, VMRay mitigates their known weaknesses and increases their efficacy, most notably by catching zero days, malware, phishing, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks that would otherwise be missed.

The solution executes the malware in a safe environment within the Platform. From the outside, it transparently monitors every interaction with the target machine, logging all control flow mechanisms, calling conventions and privilege levels.

With this complete and continuous visibility into the malicious behavior, the SOC team can quickly and accurately triage the most urgent threats for further investigation or mitigation.VMRay’s comprehensive results can help generate rich threat intelligence, which can help analysts spot evidence of a broader threat, including ones that may have been lying dormant for weeks or months.

These capabilities let you gather speed and accuracy of detection with deep visibility into malware behavior, low false-positive rates,  and reduce the noise. Integrated into Mindflow, you can harness these capabilities to enrich your detection playbooks and move on to remediation processes.

vmray advanced threat detection


Detect unknown and advanced malware & phishing threats.

Acquire in-depth knowledge of the malware with its sandboxing and monitoring capabilities.

Prioritize alerts based on generated results from enrichment processes.

Automate alert validation and triage false from positives.

Improve your incident response plans thanks to acquired intelligence.

Automation Through Mindflow

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