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Zendesk Overview

Zendesk is a customer relationship management tool (CRM). As a customer support platform, it lets you connect with your customers via multiple channels.

The solution makes it easy to keep track of all your interactions and make sure you’re providing the best customer service. Whether booking an appointment, chatting online, or emailing with questions, Zendesk lets you connect with customers or colleagues from any channel.


By integrating with Zendesk, Mindflow enables its users to implement its ticketing services right into their workflows to facilitate a better after-sales experience with their customers by simplifying their access to the support team.


  • Ticketing System: the solution collects all your customer service requests and allows you to manage them from one location. it thus eases the task of keeping track of customer issues and conversations
  • Knowledge Base: a support ticket system can be used to simplify internal and external information sharing, such as creating an in-house FAQ page for ease of use. On the platform, you can create, customize, and use one or more knowledge bases – for specific departments, for agents only, or customers – so that answers are always at hand

Automation Through Mindflow

Automation Use Case

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