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Cisco Secure Malware Analysis (formerly Threat Grid) and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Threat Grid Overview

Threat Grid combines advanced sandboxing with threat intelligence in a unified solution to protect your company from malware. Threat Grid creates and gathers malware intelligence through static and dynamic runtime sample analysis. 

The solution provides a context-rich malware knowledge base to have insights on what malware is doing or attempting to do, how significant a threat it poses, and how to defend against it.

Threat Grid can also sandbox a submitted file for in-depth and safe analysis to determine whether or not it is malicious. While it doesn’t protect against the first download of a new or unknown malicious file, it will add to your company’s defenses against future downloads. 

By integrating with Threat Grid, Mindflow allows its user’s to access Malware Analysis features. Files not blocked through your File Inspection and unknown to your Malware Protection tool may be submitted to the solution for analysis.

threat grid


  • Secure Malware Analytics rapidly analyzes files and suspicious behavior across your environment. You get context-rich malware analytics and threat intelligence
  • Deep malware analysis: analyze the behavior of a file against samples and malware artifacts. Global and historical view of the malware, what it’s doing, and how significant a threat it poses to you
  • Prioritize threats by identifying key behavioral indicators of malware. Prioritize attacks with the most significant potential impact
  • Speed up incident investigations: robust search capabilities, correlations, and detailed static and dynamic analyses
  • Accelerate malware threat detection and response with the API to automate existing security products and processes

Automation Through Mindflow

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