Tanium and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Tanium Overview

Tanium is an exhaustive EDR that continuously scans your network to discover devices and analyzes your endpoints for vulnerable misconfigurations and compliance violations. 

Optimize your CMDB with complete and real-time data

Tanium lets you optimize your CMDB with complete and accurate data by gathering statistics from your software usage. It also performs distributed scanning to look for gaps between devices, to enable a full inventory scan across your network.


Gain complete visibility to close all risk and compliance gaps

Mastering your endpoint environment let Tanium implement compliance policy across your company’s network with features such as remote authenticated scanning of your devices. It accompanies these scanning with risk monitoring and scoring based on historical breaches submitted by contributors.


Monitor and manage sensitive data without end-user impact

With the EDR you’re able to monitor and manage your sensitive data by enabling customized rule sets according to specific regulatory compliance standards (PCI, HIDAA, GDPR, CCPA). The platform automatically checks for critical file changes to improve your teams’ awareness. More, Tanium helps teams identify data embedded in unstructured files thanks to proprietary pattern recognition.

Threat Hunting

Finally, the solution provides a threat hunting service by giving your analysts access to extensible blocklisting of malicious files based on global databases of hash-based IOCs and reputation services. Your teams can define arbitrary rules to help them in their threat hunting processes. The platform continuously checks for suspicious behavior, based on predetermined rules and automatically alerts your analysts when such behavior is detected.



  • Optimization of your asset discovery and inventory
  • Access to a client management
  • Continuous risk and compliance management against your desired standards
  • Automatic and customizable sensitive data monitoring
  • Threat Hunting

Automation Through Mindflow

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