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Cisco Talos Intelligence and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Talos Intelligence Overview

Cisco Talos Intelligence is one of the largest providers of security research. Its main strength is visibility across the landscape covered by Cisco Security products and services.

Thanks to this, the web-based solution gathers telemetry from its customers and products. It has more visibility than most other Threat Intelligence providers and unique capabilities and scale in Threat Intelligence.

talos intelligence

It covers the whole ecosystem, email, networks, cloud, web, endpoints, and everything. Also, it uses partnerships, customer feedback, hunting intel, actor tracking, and forward-looking vulnerability discovery to provide crucial intelligence and context. As such, cyber professionals can submit their own data on the platform and participate in global Threat Intelligence.

talos intelligence

By integrating with Talos Intelligence, Mindflow allows its users to benefit from high-impact and actionable content to enhance their protection against threats. 


  • Access to unique threat intelligence databases built thanks to Cisco products and services portfolio: Talos correlates and tracks threats to turn the data into enriched actionable threat intelligence
  • Benefit from detection research: Talos conducts vulnerability and malware analysis on Cisco Security products to address threats most efficiently and effectively possible
  • Extend your team with Talos’ researchers to stay up-to-date on the latest threats

Automation Through Mindflow

Automation Use Case

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