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Swile Overview

Mindflow integrated Swile to enable users to automate their workloads, such as their incident management or HR processes.

What is Swile?

Swile is an all-in-one employee benefits card that allows you to use all your employee benefits, meal vouchers, mobility vouchers, and even your own money from a single, smart card. Swile’s smart card is available in the physical and paperless format on the Swile super app, which contains the digitized version of the card to facilitate NFC payments or online payments. Swile

How does Swile work?

The card is advantageous to both businesses and their employees. When a company opens a Swile company account, they add a list of its employees. It also provides various services (parties, sharing bills between employees, collective orders, instant messaging, etc.). These services foster worker cohesion and improve communal life.

It partners with businesses and institutions that usually accept different employee vouchers and allows users to have a single card to use all of their benefits across the country. But that’s not it; the card is a full-blown Mastercard that can allow you to do much more than a regular voucher.

What features does Swile offer?

Swile, on the surface, seems like a simple meal voucher replacement card but, in reality, actually offers a lot more.

The card is a smart card that unifies all the benefits into one. Being a proper MasterCard, it has enhanced security features, and you can even add your debit card in Swile to spend above your daily limit. Moreover, the cards are heavily customizable and can be made according to your personal style and preferences.

The super-app allows employers to bring out the best in their teams. It boosts long-term motivation, improves team cohesion, facilitates collaboration, and encourages recognition. It allows employers to collect personalized surveys, provides a gamified experience all over the app, and ensures total anonymity and security.


What can you use Swile for?

Swile has many valuable features for teams:

It has an inbuilt messaging interface that allows you to connect and chat with team members regarding events and collections or even chat directly with your HR Team.

It allows you to find your colleagues directly in the app, see who does what, what team they are in, and any other critical information you might need to connect with them.

You can congratulate your employees or colleagues directly from inside the app by using a variety of emojis, messages, and GIFs.

It makes it super easy for people to organize, prepare and collect contributions for office-related events.

It has functionalities for inbuilt surveys that HR teams or other stakeholders can use for feedback on various initiatives they are running or know their employees want.

Finally, it facilities P2P payments between colleagues allowing you to settle debts and pay up work friends right from the Swile app.

Integrated with Mindflow – 

With our no-code approach, it can massively boost your HROps and benefits planning.  With Mindflow’s flows, you can orchestrate and extract employee preference data. You can transform information, automatically create surveys, automate payments and collections and do much more.

Benefits of Swile –

Ease of use: It is easy to set up from the enterprise end and is equally easy and fast to use by the employees.

Multi-function: It is an all-in-one app allowing companies to perform various functions quickly, such as collecting valuable data using pre-built survey templates and allowing management to make data-driven decisions about employee welfare.

Reliability: It has a massive network of restaurants and collaborators, allowing companies to ensure that they can provide the best-in-class benefits to their employees with high reliability and accuracy every time.

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