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Sophos Intercept X EDR

x Mindflow

Sophos Intercept X EDR and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Sophos Intercept X EDR Overview

Sophos Intercept X Advanced Endpoint is an EDR (Sophos EDR) integrated with malware detection, exploit protection, and other endpoint protection features.

Thanks to this combination of technologies, Sophos EDR is putting security expertise into the hands of your IT teams by detecting and prioritizing potential threats.

Sophos EDR combines traditional security technologies with advanced ones, such as machine learning, to detect and identify suspicious events to prioritize the most important for your analysts who have more time for investigation.

Instead of solely relying on signature detection, Sophos enables analysts can leverage deep learning to analyze files in extreme detail, breaking their attributes and code, comparing them with an exhaustive library of other files, and detecting previously unknown malware.

Your organization doesn’t need to rely on expensive reverse-engineering expertise to analyze suspicious files.

On top of this, Sophos Intercept X EDR can provide additional intelligence on-demand to analysts if they wish so.

sophos intercept x edr


  • Stop Unknown Threats: Deep learning AI to detect and block known and unknown malware by analyzing file attributes from samples instead of their signature to identify threats
  • Block Ransomware: detect and block malicious encryption processes. Encrypted files are rolled back to minimize impacts
  • Prevent Exploits: stop techniques used throughout the kill chain to keep your company secure against file-less attacks and zero-day exploits
  • Layered Defenses: application lockdown, web control, data loss prevention, and signature-based malware detection

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