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Mindflow and Recorded Future have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Recorded Future Overview

Recorded Future is a Threat Intelligence platform that produces accurate and actionable intelligence, in real-time.

to unite open-source, dark web, technical sources, and proactive research. The platform dynamically categorizes, links, and analyzes intelligence in real-time, to deliver insights via role-based modules tailored to your needs.

The platform also relies on its users by using anonymized data such as which domains are most searched and shared with the community toimprove the data and solutions provided.

The platform works by providing various modules covering every aspect of threat intelligence, making it one of the most exhaustive platforms to date. Below are some of the intelligence you can benefit from when purchasing Recorded Future.

Brand Intelligence

Detect and takedown domain abuse, like typosquat websites that may be used in phishing campaigns. Proprietary pattern searches and DNS name permutation detection help you detect ongoing attacks. They inform you when a malicious website is registered and weaponized. Alerts come with context via domains analysis (DNS records, WhoIs data, and certificate data) to comprehensively view the threat.

Also, you’re able to identify leaked data and credentials across paste sites and the dark web.

Discover unauthorized logo use, fake executive profiles, and fake mobile applications before they are used in an account harvesting or other type of attack.

Receive real-time alerts to know when your brand is under attack. Then, minimize the damage by initiating a takedown request directly within Recorded Future to remove the malicious domain, brand mentions, data leaks, etc.

Precision SecOps Intelligence

SecOps intelligence from Recorded Future enables security operations and incident response teams to make fast, confident decisions based on external intelligence automatically correlated with internal threat data — in real-time, at scale across vast amounts of data, and without manual research.

High-Confidence Threat Intelligence

Access to contextual intelligence from an unrivaled quantity and variety of sources. This first-hand intelligence is enriched with insights by analysts to enable rapid risk analysis for faster research. More advanced searches can be done via customizable alerting.

Recorded Future provides a cyber repository gathering high-confidence intelligence and advanced querying capabilities. Use it for your deep investigations.

Also, benefit from threat hunting packages, malware detection rules, and more by inserting them onto your network.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerability intelligence from Recorded Future scores vulnerability risk based on real-time exploitation trends. It lets you prioritize threats and assess your vulnerabilities in real-time to patch them as soon as possible.

Geopolitical Intelligence

Continuously monitor the most geopolitical risks — from threats in specific regions to mentions tied to dangerous events. Centralize your search, alerting, and visualization to detect threats fast with real-time, location-based OSINT intelligence that is dynamically linked, categorized, and updated in every language from social media dark web, etc.

Identity Intelligence

Armed with Identity Intelligence and real-time evidence on identity compromises, security and IT teams can quickly detect threats and initiate downstream response workflows with out-of-the-box playbooks implemented in any security tool.

recorded future


  • Cut through the noise and deliver the intelligence that matters to you most with customized rules
  • Community Intelligence Trends provide valuable insight into analyst interest while prioritizing anonymity and privacy
  • Discover and takedown attacks on your brand by looking for typosquat domains, leaked credentials, fake social media accounts, etc
  • Make fast, confident decisions based on internal alerts automatically enriched and correlated with context from external indicators
  • Eliminate manual research by automatic enrichment to know who is attacking you, their motivations and capabilities, and the indicators of compromise to look for in your systems
  • Prioritize patches quickly and confidently with Recorded Future’s vulnerability risk scoring based on real-time exploitation evidence

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