Mindflow and QRadar have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.


IBM QRadar is a market-leading SIEM solution. It helps defend against growing threats and modernizes and scales your security operations with integrated visibility, detection, investigation, and response. 

QRadar provides centralized visibility into enterprise-wide security data and actionable insights into the highest priority threats reducing the panes of glass for your security analysts. As such, they quickly understand their security posture, identify critical threats, get more details, and streamline workflows. QRadar eliminates the need to pivot between tools. 

With QRadar’s anomaly detection capabilities, security teams can quickly identify changes in user behavior that could be indicators of an unknown threat.

To that end, QRadar ingests data throughout the enterprise to provide a sweeping view of activity through any environment. When ingesting data, QRadar applies security intelligence to detect and prioritize threats. Actionable alerts provide context into potential incidents. Analysts can thus swiftly respond to contain the attackers’ impact. 

QRadar is purpose-built to address a broad spectrum of security use cases and quickly scale with limited customization effort required

QRadar provides:

  • Visibility and context to on-prem and cloud-based resources
  • Analyzes network, endpoint, asset, user, risk, and threat data to uncover known and unknown threats
  • Identifies and tracks related activities throughout the kill chain
  • Automatically makes sense of data from disparate sources
  • Includes threat intelligence from IBM Security™ X-Force®
  • Provides over 450 integrations to drive deeper insights and extend the value of existing solutions
  • Offers flexible architecture for varied deployment and scaling needs
  • Streamlines management so teams can focus on operations; no dedicated database admins are required

By integrating with QRadar, Mindflow allows its user to connect to a market-leading SIEM solution that applies automated, intelligent analytics to a vast amount of security data to provide security analysts with actionable insight into the most critical threats, enabling them to make better, faster triage and response decisions. 

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive visibility: Gain centralized insight into logs, flows, and events across environments
  • High efficiency: Eliminate manual tracking processes to focus on investigation and response
  • Real-time threat detection: Automatically analyze logs and flows to generate prioritized alerts
  • Streamlined compliance: Use pre-built reports and templates to speed internal and external compliance

Automation Through Mindflow

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