PlanHat is a pioneering Customer Success Platform that aids businesses in centralizing customer data, driving customer engagement, and facilitating revenue management to optimize the post-sales customer journey and boost the overall customer lifetime value.






Planhat AB


PlanHat transforms the way businesses approach their customer success efforts by bringing all customer data into a unified platform. This ability to centralize customer data not only makes the information accessible but also actionable. This unique value proposition allows businesses to create personalized, effective customer success strategies that ultimately enhance the overall customer lifetime value.

The Users and Functionality of PlanHat

PlanHat serves a broad range of users, including Customer Success Managers (CSMs), account managers, and other customer-facing roles within a company. These users leverage PlanHat to orchestrate customer journeys, monitor health scores, manage renewals, and mitigate churn. This range of functionality enables a proactive approach to customer success, focusing on customer retention and upselling opportunities.

At its core, PlanHat operates by integrating with a business’s existing tools and systems, pulling in relevant customer data. This data is then used to create a 360-degree view of each customer, visualizing their interactions and engagements with the business. Users can then track customer health, set goals, automate tasks, and create reports, all with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction and ultimately driving business growth.

Automation Through Mindflow

By integrating with Mindflow, a leading no-code enterprise automation and orchestration platform, PlanHat can exponentially increase its efficiency and workflow optimization. Mindflow’s capability to amalgamate various products through their APIs brings a new dimension to PlanHat’s customer success model, enhancing both process automation and operational agility.

Through this integration, PlanHat can leverage Mindflow’s drag-and-drop visual canvas to create workflows using “action items”. These action items, presented as natural language instead of traditional code, are essentially API Calls that help drive operational workflows. The usage of Mindflow thus empowers non-technical users within the PlanHat community to define and automate complex processes, removing the inherent complexity of technical workflows.

Mindflow’s advanced automation engine, equipped with conditional operators and diverse trigger mechanisms, adds to PlanHat’s value proposition. By utilizing these capabilities, PlanHat can configure sophisticated workflows for monitoring customer health scores, managing renewals, or even mitigating churn, providing an increased level of automation and efficiency. As a result, businesses using PlanHat can deliver enhanced customer success outcomes, underlining their commitment to driving customer satisfaction and business growth.

Automation Use Case

1. Customer Health Scoring: Utilizing Mindflow’s automation capabilities, PlanHat can automate the computation of customer health scores. By integrating real-time data from multiple touchpoints, businesses can keep a constant eye on customer satisfaction and proactively address any potential issues, ensuring a strong relationship and trust with customers.

2. Automated Renewal Management: PlanHat can streamline the renewal process for customer subscriptions or contracts by leveraging Mindflow’s automation engine. This not only saves time but also ensures no potential renewal opportunity is missed, thereby contributing positively to the company’s revenue growth.

3. Churn Prediction and Mitigation: With Mindflow’s conditional operators and trigger mechanisms, PlanHat can automate the process of churn prediction. By detecting patterns and triggers in customer behaviour, businesses can take proactive steps to engage with at-risk customers and reduce churn, thus enhancing overall customer retention rates.

4. Automated Reporting: Mindflow’s automation capabilities can be harnessed to generate regular reports on key customer success metrics. This enables businesses to consistently monitor their performance, providing critical insights into customer engagement, health scores, churn rates, and more. These insights are crucial for strategic decision-making and fostering an efficient, customer-centric organization.

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