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Palo Alto WildFire was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

Palo Alto WildFire Overview

Palo Alto WildFire is a cloud-based threat analysis service providing a multi-technique approach based on dynamic and static analysis, innovative machine learning techniques, and an analysis environment to detect and prevent evasive threats.

To preserve productivity and performance, WildFire adopts a prevention-first posture; wildfire analyzes every unknown file for malicious intent and then distributes prevention across the enterprise to reduce the risk.

Prevention across the wildfire ecosystem

Should advanced threats not be detected, WildFire applies cloud-based analysis to deliver prevention across networks, clouds, or endpoints.

Focusing on malware signatures

WildFire uses content signatures instead of hashes to extend the detection and prevention capabilities. It can identify more malware with a single signature than the hash-based systems that require an exact match to get a positive identification.

Detect malicious behavior in all traffic 

Palo Alto WildFire identifies files with potential malicious behaviors and then delivers verdicts based on their actions by applying threat intelligence, analytics, and correlation alongside advanced capabilities.

Detect new threats with multi-technique analysis 

Instead of traditional sandboxes approaches, WildFire brings together multiple techniques: Dynamic analysis monitor files executed in a sealed virtual environment to detect unknown malware using behavioral analysis; Machine learning extracts features from each file to train a machine-learning model to identify new malware; The static analysis provides instant identification of malware variants.

Stop multistage attacks 

Threat actors break attacks into distinct components and stages, use concurrent delivery vectors, and exploit reputable cloud services to avoid detection. The cloud-scale of WildFire, advanced file analysis, and URL crawling enable a multi-vector recursive analysis to prevent threat actors’ multistage attacks. The solution can follow multiple attack stages from a file analysis standpoint even if execution fails in a given stage.

Integrated into a broader environment

By integrating with Palo Alto Wildfire, Mindflow allows its users to connect to its API. Customers can leverage the malware analysis capabilities of WildFire to integrate with Mindflow and other tools you use, secure custom applications, and scan file share and storage locations for malicious content. 


An extensive network of subscribers that automatically update, enrich, and prevent threats across networks, endpoints, and clouds.

Receive reports of every malicious file sent to WildFire across multiple operating system environments and application versions. 

Use cloud-scaled multi-technique based on static and dynamic code analysis and machine learning to detect the more advanced threats evading firewalls controls.

Automation Through Mindflow

Automation Use Case

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