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Orca Security was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

Orca Security Overview

Orca Security is a cloud-native protection platform (CNAPP). It simplifies cloud security across AWS, Azure, and Google Cl by combining cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection platform (CWPP), container scanning, and cloud identity and entitlement management (CIEM) solutions.

The platform deploys across your cloud environment without any need for an agent, thus limiting the impact on your performance.

orca security dashboard

Orca is a pioneer in the CNAPP market in building CSPM, CWPP, and vulnerability management capabilities into its platform. Today, it provides a handful of services via its no-code platform, such as:

SideScanning, Orca creates a software inventory of your cloud environment that enables scans to detect known vulnerabilities in its Vulnerability Database, including data from more than 20 data sources.

Misconfiguration detection, Orca Security leverages workload and cloud account configuration data to discover misconfiguration in your cloud environment and compare them with a set of configuration controls.

The solution provides complete malware coverage of your cloud with the help of signature-based detection but also advanced heuristic methods such as file analysis, file emulation, and generic signature detection.

orca security

The solution continuously monitors common Identity and Access Management (IAM) misconfigurations across your public cloud. To that end, it scans your cloud for exposed keys, passwords in shell histories, vulnerabilities, and other information that attackers can use.

Finally, it performs a complete inventory of your public cloud assets, including software inventories of cloud workloads. It also inventory assets on your cloud infrastructure platform, including data and network assets such as storage buckets, security groups, accounts, images, cloud services, and more.


  • Simplify SecOps with a SaaS-based cloud security platform for workload and data protection, cloud security posture management, vulnerability management, and compliance management
  • No code platform to manage your cloud environment
  • Build a graph encompassing all your cloud assets, software, connectivity, and trust to prioritize risk

Automation Through Mindflow

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