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Middesk Overview

Middesk was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their workloads beyond traditional security operations.

What is Middesk?

Middesk is a platform designed to automate business verification and underwriting decisions. Middesk is a business intelligence (BI) software platform enabling clients from three primary verticals — Fintech, Credit Reporting, and Business Marketplaces- to onboard new clients quickly. Middesk gives an extensive set of tools to implement risk assessments similar to those conducted in high-risk industries.

Middesk’s product is segmented into Identity and Agent. Identity provides accurate, comprehensive information that financial services companies need to make efficient onboarding decisions for new business customers. The Agent product makes it easy for employers to register with the state and federal agencies required to establish their business across the country.


Who can use Middesk?

Middesk has been designed considering the exhaustive identity verification and onboarding procedures in Fintech, Credit Reporting, and Business Marketplaces. Middesk delivers automated compliance with global regulations and supports the business operations of financial institutions, insurers, credit card companies, lenders, payment firms, and other service providers.

Middesk is building tools for:

Risk and Compliance Teams can meet their regulatory and compliance requirements more efficiently by consolidating workflows for capturing, verifying, and reviewing customer credentials.

Developers want to remove bottlenecks in the verification and due diligence process and are looking to integrate APIs that will work.

Finance teams want to use customer intelligence to reduce business risk by setting and defining credit terms and payment methods at scale.


Middesk Features

Tax ID and Name Verification

Clients can submit information to the IRS or other regulators; with Middesk, clients can ensure that they have accurate information on the files they submit to IRS or other regulators. It saves them from fines and additional legwork regarding taxation and registration. Middesk also enables its clients to ensure that their customers provide accurate and trustworthy information about their business identity by capturing that information and verifying it directly through the IRS.

Middesk | Solutions › Tax

Middesk – Example Tax Registration

State Filings

Middesk helps clients quickly understand the registration history and nationwide footprint of each of their customers to ensure that they engage with businesses that are currently in, and remain in, active standing with the state.

Middesk State filings

Middesk – State Filings Feature

Website Validation

Websites are commonly used as a proxy to understand the legitimacy of a business. Middesk has successfully removed subjectivity from the review of customer websites. To do this, it automatically surfaces vital information and content about the web presence of our client’s customers, flagging high-risk and relevant information.


Agent makes it easy for employers to register with the state and federal agencies needed to establish their business across the country. It enables easy management of payroll and payments across different US states while automating compliance for every location.

With Agent, enterprises can manage all their registrations from a single dashboard, receive all their postal mail in one place and keep a regular check of compliance with ongoing monitoring.

Middesk | Agent

Middesk – Agent Dashboard

Middesk Benefits

Save Time & Effort

Middesk saves companies a lot of hours by automating the otherwise manual work. Until now, Middesk has reduced the average time it takes its clients to approve their customers for production access from 20 minutes to less than 2 minutes.

When the same clients file for taxation or registration in different states, Middesk saves them work days by putting everything on a single dashboard.


Middesk has extensive operational and documentation automation, enabling enterprises to get much work done in a shorter period.


Middesk has the right plan for everyone. Middesk’s use cases suit startups, SMEs, and even big companies looking to put their risk assessment, taxation, registration, and compliance on autopilot.

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