Jamf and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Jamf Overview

Jamf is a management system for Apple devices. With Jamf, IT Technicians can proactively manage the entire lifecycle of Apple devices. This includes deploying and maintaining software, responding to security threats, distributing settings, and analyzing inventory data.

Everything required to connect your Apple users to resources, protect your Apple devices (for every Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV) and manage your Apple ecosystem is covered by Jamf. The solution consists of three core pillars: Device and App Management, Identity and Access, and Security and Privacy.

Below a non-exhaustive presentation of each one of them.

Device and App Management

With Jamf, Device and App Management relies on three modules

App Lifecycle Management: Jamf deploys App Installers on targeted devices to help you manage your apps’ lifecycle. It automatically packages, hosts, deploys and updates third-party Mac apps.

Inventory Management: Jamf collects device inventory details of your managed devices, such as hardware, management, or software data. It does not only help to identify which ones require updates but also to build groups based on custom criteria. You thus can deploy specific tasks automatically.

Apple Device Management: Apple’s mobile device management (Apple MDM) protocol is a framework to help you manage devices at scale. This integration with Apple makes it possible to deploy, inventory, manage and secure Apple devices.

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Identity and Access

Zero-touch device deployment organized from Mobile device management system (MDM) and Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. When you purchase your hardware, you assign the devices to the user as pre-determined by their identity credentials. Then, the device automatically enrolls into your organization’s MDM system without physical intervention from IT teams.

Identity-Based Access via three layers with directory services and cloud SSO. Jamf unifies macOS identity management across all apps. End-users only have a single cloud identity to access the desired resources. The solution also enables you to get on track with passwordless authentication. Users can load an app to unlock Mac and resources from their iPhones.


Security and Privacy

The Jamf platform provides a complete management solution to manage provisioning, deployment and patch management, monitoring and preventing malware threats, etc.

Configurations to define and distribute device settings such as VPN profiles, FileVault 2 disk encryption, and control restricted apps. The creation and enforcement of automated policies to ensure devices adhere to security requirements. Benefit from controls to manage Apple device security, including enforcing password policies, enabling remote security features, and controlling data stored on a device.

Threat detection, prevention, and remediation

Using Jamf for detection delivers via behavioral analytics combined with detection capabilities mapped to MITRE ATT&CK framework to monitor known malware threats and continuously updated threat databases. Threat hunting with your custom analytics or built-in behavioral analytics to hunt for Mac and mobile device threats specifically targeting your environment.

Using Jamf for Apple threat prevention delivers antivirus protection to minimize risks to your environment by preventing known Mac malware types. Quarantine and automatic removal of malware from the user’s environment. Threat intelligence powered by Jamf’s knowledge of Mac-specific and mobile malware.

Management of applications to control unwanted apps and prevent access to Mac apps that are not approved by corporate policy using customized block lists to restrict untrusted applications from executing on company devices.


  • App Lifecycle Management: Secure workflows for managing all applications in your environment
  • Device Management: Configure and customize Apple devices for every user
  • Inventory Management: Track every device and apps in your environment
  • Zero-Touch Deployment: Automate the setup and deployment of any device, regardless of its location
  • Identity-Based Access: Implement an identity and privilege access management architecture
  • Security Management: patch, provision, and deploy from one platform
  • Threat Prevention and Remediation: combine detection, prevention, and remediation capabilities

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