Intercom Overview

Intercom was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

What is Intercom?

Intercom offers a suite of products that help businesses communicate with customers in a personalized manner. With Intercom, you can send targeted messages at the right time, automate workflows, and measure the impact of your communications. Intercom works directly with your product or service and functions as a customer communications platform.


What features does Intercom offer?

Intercom can allow you to perform a plethora of functions if you use a website or a web-based product:

Discover more information about your customers and what they do by tracking, filtering, and segmenting every customer using the intercom platform.

Automatically convert more leads from your website or app by using bots to quality, route, schedule meetings, and chat with your most productive leads in real-time using the Inbox and Messaging functionality.

Be more engaged with your customers with the messages feature that turns more signups into active valuable customers with targeted emails, chats, posts, and even mobile push messages.

You can provide enhanced support using Inbox to use emails and messaging to get faster responses and resolution times, leading to more satisfied customers.

Self-service support efforts can be boosted using the Articles functionality, which allows you to share and create content to help your users better understand your product and get faster answers. This also enables your customer success and support teams to handle more critical cases.


Who can use Intercom?

Intercom is a multi-dimensional tool that various functional teams across your business can use. Some of the primary uses for different units that intercom offers are as follows – 

For Sales teams, it allows them to talk to prospective customers who pop us as visitors on the website and answer their questions etc.

For Product teams working on improving the product can gather critical feedback and insights from the users who engage with the product.

For Marketing teams, it can help in targeted campaigning by sending the right messages to the right groups based on analyzing the behaviors of prospective customers.

For Support teams, it can allow them to provide more intelligent solutions to the problems of the users than a single channel support pattern

For Customer Success teams, it’s a true game changer that acts like a single space for all your CRM needs and allows them to gather live user data and engage in direct and personalized communication.

Integrated with Mindflow

You can orchestrate triggers on Intercom for workflows, bots, tours, etc. Mindflow also allows you to extract ticket data, close tickets, automate messages, assign responsibilities, and much more.

Intercom Benefits

It is an all-in-one solution that integrates everything in a single place. People are not stuck up with multiple fragmented tools that don’t work in synergy leading to massive chaos.

It has a live chat feature that includes social media bots, apps, and in-app messages to help you connect with the right people.

It has an extensive collection of pre-made templates for various things such as workflows, bots, messages, posts, etc.

It allows excellent collaboration by allowing teams to use a shared inbox to stay on track and connect with every lead at any stage of the process.

It also features a builder mode and product tours that can help curate user paths and journeys while tracing metrics that are essential for reporting and planning. 

Intercom is a powerful no-code tool built into a very intuitive platform that doesn’t require teams to have any technical coding language. And, you know us, we love all things no-code. Teams can choose to create their workflows from scratch or use one of the ready-to-use templates to get a headstart.

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