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Hunters AI Integrations with Mindflow

Automation Use Cases with Hunters AI Integration

About Hunters AI

Hunters.ai was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

Hunters AI Overview

Hunters.AI is a threat hunting platform. The solution offloads the burden of data engineering and manual analyst workflows when it comes to threat hunting by enabling them to identify and respond to threats with ease and scale automatically.

To that end, it ingests data from multiple sources to cross-references and correlates events, logs, and static data. In doing this, it uses its proprietary AI engine to detect threats across every attack surface from the moment it’s installed.

To save analysts time, once data is ingested from different sources (cloud, endpoint, network, identity, email, etc.), it is organized into a unified schema. This eliminates the need for data engineering work. Then it is ready to be analyzed for detection and, if needed, investigation.

Detection-wise, Hunters AI also brings value to threat hunters. It removes the burden of rules creation and maintenance from your threat hunters’ shoulders with a detection engine to enable you to assess your threat coverage and detect loopholes ith the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Finally, when it comes to investigation, Hunters AI provides a graph-based correlation to create stories out of the events to facilitate their understanding and, ultimately, to simplify the triage process by automatically linking relevant data. To that end, the platform prioritizes incidents based on their risk score and populates the story with relevant details (root cause, timeline, affected users/devices, etc.).

From that point, Hunters AI provides its users, especially when they can orchestrate the solution functionalities from Mindflow, with reliable detection and investigation capabilities to move on to the containment and remediation phases.

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Ingest intelligence from various data sources (cloud, endpoint, network, identity, email, etc.) to increase the monitoring of your attack surface.

Eliminate the need for in-house detection rules creation and maintenance burden with out-of-the-box rules provided by a detection engine.

Harness the solution’s correlation engine to streamline the investigation process by triaging false positives from real incidents to reduce the noise.

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