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Host io and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Host io Overview

Host io is a Domain Data provider. The platform provides multiple APIs to help users programmatically access the details of any domain name on the Web. Your teams can get comprehensive domain name data to uncover new domains and their relationships.

To that end, Host io built its domain data by processing terabytes of data to produce its custom domain data sets. The solution collects data on every known domain name from every TLD every month to keep it updated. The data store includes DNS records and website data for each of the domains.

host io


  • Preventing Spam & Fraud: detect and proactively curtail abusive attempts coming from the same IP, webhost, or ASN
  • Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence: visibility on domains that are hosted on an IP address to get insights about attackers
  • Brand Protection: know and check which sites are linking to you and in what way

Automation Through Mindflow

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