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HarfangLab was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

HarfangLab Overview

HarfangLab provides an EDR to enable the anticipation and neutralization of modern and unknown cyberattacks on your devices and servers.

The EDR provided by HarfangLab is characterized by its openness, its integration capabilities with all other security bricks in your tech stack, thanks to its API, its transparency as the data collected by the platform remains accessible to you; and the digital independence it offers because its customers can choose to deploy the solution on public, private cloud, or on-premises.

The EDR helps you create a multilayered approach thanks to the implementation of several detection engines that complement each other to ensure the effectiveness of detection against all types of threats.

From detection to investigation, the solution provides easy-to-use advanced features to enable analysts to track down IOCs and spot any abnormal activity on your system.

As you discover malware in your system, Harfang lets you disassemble the code or collect the memory from the endpoints to gather additional indicators.



  • The solution operates in respect of your privacy by storing data aggregated in private owned datalakes
  • Light agent deployed on devices

Automation Through Mindflow

Automation Use Case

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