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Google Alert Center and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Google Alert Center Overview

Google Alert Center is a service accessible through Google Workspace. As a Google Workspace administrator, you’re able to use the platform to access alerts for issues affecting your domain. Using Google Alert Center lets you have real-time security alerts and insights to help you protect your organization from the latest threats such as phishing, malware, and other suspicious activity.

Using Google Alert Center gives you the ability to use a single pane of glass for security alerts to get a comprehensive view of security alerts, notifications, and actions across all of your Google Workspace. When logging in to the alert center, you have access to two types of pages:

  • A list of alerts affecting your domain—This page is displayed after you sign in to the Google Admin console and navigate to the alert center. This list can span several pages, depending on the number of alerts that are active.
  • A details page that provides more information about each alert—You can access the details by clicking any item on the list of alerts to acknowledge their severity to get information about potential issues and threats. You can filter alerts by severity, view details, or change the alert severity. You can then take action on alerts and change their status, and assign them to a user in your domain to research.

This way, you’re able to quickly take action on security threats and act in real-time when suspicious activity is detected within your organization.

Further, Google Alert Center lets you enrich threat data with VirusTotal which provides threat relationships, graphs, and geographical and time-spread details.

google alert center


  • Receive a notification when users open a potential phishing or malware email. Users can also proactively self-report attacks
  • Find out when a suspicious login has been blocked and when users’ access to the network has been suspended
  • Automated detection and notification of spam’s uptick, giving the ability to block specific senders
  • Automatically detect compromised credentials and require a password reset before any new sign-in from the user
  • Be informed when an external sender may be spoofing users with a name that is similar to a user in your organization
  • Easily create custom alerts from audit log events or based on DLP and other security rules
  • Export alerts through the API into your SIEM

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