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Google Access Transparency was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

Google Access Transparency Overview

Google Access Transparency is a service part of the Google Cloud Security stack. It provides transparency regarding who has access to your data or the configuration of your Google Cloud resources. Using Access Transparency, your organization can verify when, how, and why a Google employee has access to your cloud environment. This way, Google Cloud ensures complete control over their data use.

To that end, Access Transparency stores log entries that include details such as the affected resource and action, the time of the action, the reason for the action, and information about the accessor.

Access Transparency logs will be useful for verifying that Google personnel are accessing your content for valid business reasons (outage fixing, support request) or that they haven’t made an error when carrying out requests.

Google access transparency


Access Transparency verifies cloud provider access, bringing your audit controls closer to on-premises conditions.

Access Approval lets you approve or dismiss requests for access by Google employees working to support your service.

Access Transparency logs are available through Cloud Logging and can be integrated directly into existing analysis pipelines or tool exports you have already set up.

Automation Through Mindflow

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