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Freshdesk Overview

Mindflow integrated Freshdesk to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a part of Freshworks’ suite of products covering online customer engagement solutions. It allows you to use customer service software to optimize your company’s customer support and efficiently manage your clients as your company scales.

Its omnichannel suite is the best comprehensive support solution with the shortest time-to-value. It allows you to transform service agents into client champions by reimagining more meaningful conversations. In less than three months, you can launch consumer and staff satisfaction!

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Freshdesk Features

– Track and manage incoming tickets from various channels in one place.

– Customers can be assisted via email, phone, call, chat, social media, and other messaging apps.

– Collaborate with numerous teams within your organization to split, assign, and resolve queries more quickly as a group.

– Automate repetitive processes such as agent assignment based on competence, workload, and availability.

– Provide a comprehensive knowledge base and self-service gateway to customers.

– Using advanced analytics, analyze and collect vital agent performance and customer experience insights.

– It can be totally customized to meet your company’s needs.

– Use Freddy’s AI and machine learning skills to relieve part of your agents’ workload and give faster resolutions to consumers without sacrificing quality.

Freshdesk - Interface

Freshdesk Benefits

Knowledge Base – The app will assist your new agents in providing appropriate responses. Based on consumer inquiries, it suggests replies from your knowledge base. The self-service site will also help your consumers in finding the proper answers for themselves. You will be able to minimize your workload as a result of this considerably.

Community – Create a section on shared best practices, guidance, and valuable suggestions to establish a community of interested customers and stimulate an exchange of ideas.

Time-tracking – You may use the app to track your agents’ turnaround times for each customer and find trends, patterns, impediments, and opportunities to enhance your service.

Multi-product Support – You may set up a first-rate product support system. You get one solution for different brands of products that you use.

Global support – With a choice of language and global time options, the software provides customer help across different time zones and languages.

Insights – To get to the bottom of your issue, the app will employ drill-down tools to provide you with a thorough summary of your help. You may also use the Customer Satisfaction Survey to gather customer feedback to improve your support performance.

Game Mechanics – It allows you to motivate your agents by using game-based features that track their success.

Integrations- Zapier, Google Tools, Google Contacts, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Olark, Jira, Screenr, Shopify, FreshBooks, LogMeIn Rescue, SugarCRM, Salesforce, and more platforms and business apps are embedded into the app.

Integrated with Mindflow

With our no-code approach, you can boost the power of Freshdesk by automating and orchestrating several functionalities. For example, you can automate triggers and ticket creation; you can auto-assign customers to specific teams and agents; you can even orchestrate all tools of your communication stack and link it to Freshdesk to centralize leads and conversations. With Mindflow’s capabilities and Freshdesk’s powerful feature sets, the only limit to automation and orchestration is your imagination.


It offers various plans for different stages of a company – everyone from startups to enterprises are covered. Pricing starts with the basic “Free” plan that allows multiple functionalities for up to 10 agents. 

It also offers – Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans as well offering a wide variety of features based on your customized needs. Moreover, it allows you to buy different plug-in add-ons, such as bot systems or field service management, that hypercharge the features of your packs.

Freshdesk pricing

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