Emerging Threats





Mindflow and Emerging Threats have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.


Emerging Threats is a Threat intelligence platform that provides actionable threat intel feeds to identify IPs and domains involved in suspicious and malicious activity through an easy-to-use portal. Feeds are based on behavior observed and are fed to your SIEM, firewall, IDS, or IDS.

To that end, Emerging Threats provides:

  • Separate lists for IP addresses and domains
  • IP and domains classified into 40 categories
  • IP and domains are assigned a confidence score which indicates activity level
  • Lists are updated every hour
  • Support a variety of formats: TXT, CSV, JSON, and compressed

By integrating with Emerging Threats, Mindflow allows its customers to enhance their ability to enrich and search any log with Emerging Threats intel feeds.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevent attacks and reduce risks by understanding the historical context of the threats: who’s behind them, when they’ve attacked, what methods they’ve used, what they’re after
  • Have access to reputation intel and condemnation evidence through trends and timestamps

Automation Through Mindflow

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