Mindflow and ElasticSecurity have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

ElasticSecurity Overview

ElasticSecurity is a next-generation SIEM. It combines SIEM threat detection features with endpoint prevention capabilities, leveraging the speed and extensibility of Elasticsearch infrastructure.

ElasticSecurity provides the following capabilities:

  • A detection engine to identify attacks and system misconfigurations
  • A workspace for event triage and investigations
  • Interactive visualizations to investigate process relationships
  • Inbuilt case management with automated actions
  • Detection of signatureless attacks with prebuilt machine learning anomaly jobs and detection rules

Analyze your environment at will

Thanks to these capabilities, your analysts can explore any information, as old as needed: searchable snapshots make extended visibility an intelligent investment.

Behavior-based rules enable automated detection to protect your environment from potential threats continuously. Analyze adversary behavior and prioritize potential threats accordingly with severity and risk ratings. Detections are aligned with MITRE ATT&CK, updated regularly, and shared publicly for immediate deployment.

Available in our platform, Elasticsecurity allows you to harness the analytics capabilities offered by a high-end SIEM connected to your other detection and remediation layers.



  • Manage information by petabyte, uniformly analyze data dispersed across different continents and clouds, thanks to Elasticsecurity infrastructure. Search and investigate with direct access to years of files kept in low-cost storage like S3
  • Collect host data and block malware and ransomware on all your devices
  • Deploy the free and open Elastic Agent on every endpoint to stop ransomware and malware, collect network and host activity

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