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Deep Instinct Integrations with Mindflow

Automation Use Cases with Deep Instinct Integration

About Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct Overview

Mindflow integrated Deep Instinct to enhance enterprise-wide security by taking a prevention-first approach. Deep Instinct enables extremely accurate deep learning-based cybersecurity frameworks which can prevent even unknown threats.

What is Deep Instinct?

Deep Instinct applies deep learning to cybersecurity infrastructure for enterprises. Since the software solution is based on deep learning and artificial intelligence, it learns to prevent any cyber threat, and its prediction capabilities become more instinctive as it learns more about the environment. As a result, any malware, known and new, first-seen malware, zero-days, ransomware, and APT (advanced persistent threat) attacks can be predicted and prevented in zero time with unmatched accuracy and speed anywhere in the enterprise – network, endpoint, mobile – by enabling multi-layered protection.

Deep Instinct Prevention Platform

Deep Instinct Prevention Platform

How does Deep Instinct work?

Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform reduces the risk of a breach by meeting the attackers earlier in the lifecycle and stopping threats 750x faster than the fastest known ransomware can begin to encrypt. Deep Instinct does this by constantly learning about the threats your enterprise might face, relying on existing knowledge of threats to stop unknown, new, and even the most difficult-to-identify ransomware, zero-day threats.

The solution does all of this in a matter of 20ms. In comparison, traditional EDR and XDR tools can take hours, days, and sometimes weeks to identify anomalous behaviors. This is highly critical as attackers can start exfiltrating data in minutes.

Advantages of Prevention Platform

Deep Instinct Accuracy

• Low-cost maintenance with only 2-3 updates per year

• Fastest threat protection in under <20ms, pre-execution

• Prevent >99% of unknown, zero-day, and ransomware attacks

• Low impact on the SOC with an extremely low <0.1% false-positive rate

• Independent malicious vs. benign decision-making without the need for any prior-cloud intelligence


Product Features

Prevention Platform

Prevention Platform is the first and only solution based on a unique deep learning framework designed to solve the most critical cybersecurity challenges. This includes preventing threats before they cause any damage, coming under the scanner of any traditional – threat intelligence, EDR, XDR – product, and or landing on your environment.

Prevention for Applications

Deep Instinct’s Prevention for Applications is an agentless, on-demand, antimalware solution that scans high volumes of files and data-in-transit to detect threats before they even reach the target systems.

Prevent Malicious Files

Deep Instinct protects enterprises against file uploads through web applications, user downloads, and third-party file transfers to the enterprises’ environment. Traditional tools might struggle to find the threats as the files traverse internal systems.


The solution can be easily integrated into existing environments and workflows through an agentless solution with a flexible and customizable REST API, which works independently of the operating systems and devices in use. 

Prevention for Endpoints

Deep Instinct’s Prevention for Endpoints can complement existing EDR and SIEM services by implementing a multi-layered, prevention-first approach.

Pre-execution Prevention

Using its Static Analysis engine, Deep Instinct can prevent >99% of known and unknown malware, including ransomware, zero-day, infected files, script-based attacks, and more. 

On-execution Prevention

In addition to the pre-execution prevention, Deep Instinct also employs dynamic analysis layers to detect and automate responses to the most complex threats, such as,

• Fileless attacks – for example, malicious code injection, credential theft

• Advanced scripts – for example, unknown shellcode

• Multi-stage attacks and Active Adversarial AI attacks

Automated Analysis and Classification

Deep Instinct also provides threat classification capabilities to speed up and improve investigations. All prevented events (hash only) from Prevention for Applications and Prevention for Endpoints solutions are sent to Deep Instinct’s console, which can then be integrated with the existing SIEM, SOAR, ED, or other security solutions via REST API, Syslog, or SMTP.

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