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Datadog SIEM x Mindflow

Datadog SIEM

By mindflow

Mindflow and Datadog Cloud SIEM have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.


Datadog SIEM provides security coverage of dynamic, distributed systems in a single platform. The platform on the cloud enables your DevOps, SecOps, and GRC teams to work together in a fusion center logic to detect threats and misconfigurations in real-time without the burden of having to switch contexts.

With Datadog SIEM, you can analyze operational and security logs in real-time—regardless of their volume—while utilizing curated, out-of-the-box integrations and rules to detect threats. Your analysts can detect real-time threats to your application and infrastructure from a unified platform, like a targeted attack, an IP communicating with your systems that matches a threat intel list, or an insecure configuration.

To that end, by default, Datadog analyzes your ingested logs to detect threats, such as by matching logs with threat intelligence or by applying detection rules to detect attacks or anomalies.

With Datadog SIEM, Mindflow users harness the ingesting power of a SIEM and combine it to SOAR automation and orchestration capabilities to create end-to-end playbooks.


  • Low maintenance, cost-effective SIEM: focus on threat detection without the burden of patching or maintenance
  • Curated, easily customizable security rules: built-in threshold and anomaly detection rules or create your own custom rules
  • Real-time, round-the-clock threat detection: discover security incidents at log ingestion and enrich signals with Datadog-managed threat intelligence feeds

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