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Clearbit Overview

Clearbit was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their workflow management for sales, marketing, and customer success teams and better protect their information systems.


What is Clearbit?

Clearbit is a marketing intelligence platform that provides quality B2B data for understanding customers, identifying prospects, and creating customized marketing and sales exchanges. Clearbit boasts data enrichment capabilities to provide insights about prospects using a combination of verified contact and company details. In more technical terms, Clearbit is a SaaS data activation platform.

Clearbit gives a global view of the market, prospects, and customers. Using Clearbit, teams can build strategies to reach and engage target audiences, create personalized buyer journeys, and act instantly on intent signals across the customer lifecycle. Clearbit provides real-time context on various data types, such as precise lead scoring and custom sales alerts, to help marketers and sales teams make informed, data-driven decisions instead of relying on hunches or assumptions.

Enrich Salesforce Leads, Contacts, And Accounts With Clearbit For  Salesforce Enrichment | Clearbit vs Clearbit

Salesforce Enrichment with Clearbit

Who can use Clearbit?

Clearbit’s extensive feature set targeted towards getting better insights about prospects, customers, and the market makes it an excellent product for sales and marketing teams. Sales teams can make use of Clearbit’s prospecting and customer data intelligence features to automate a large part of their routine workflows.

Marketing teams can leverage the highly specific marketing intelligence feature set to better understand the customers and market they want to target. This can help them create smarter and more efficient campaigns that drive growth. Clearbit also works seamlessly with other sales and marketing applications.


Clearbit Features

Detailed Website Tracking 🔍

Clearbit enterprises track their website visitors even if they don’t fill in any forms or identify themselves. With visitor tracking, Clearbit can de-anonymize visitor traffic to identify prospects. The data generated enables a more personal level of engagement with these potential customers. Teams receive a comprehensive weekly report summarising the most engaged companies and the channel through which they landed on your site. This includes company details like estimated annual revenue, the technology used, and employee range.

Website Visitor Tracking Tool [Weekly Reports] | Clearbit

Website Visitor Tracking Tool


Enrichment API ✅

Clearbit’s Enrichment API is a powerful tool that supplements the data intelligence features to extract real-time information from any given source. Clearbit Enrichment, teams can get 80+ accurate data points, such as location, company size, logo, and LinkedIn URL, from a single email address or domain name. This data can be used directly with tools like Lemlist, HubSpot, Intercom, and other such tools through seamless integration.

Accurate Insights with Clearbit’s APIs 🛠

Clearbit’s capabilities for marketing intelligence use their de-anonymizing technology to find out who’s actually visiting the website, which of the campaigns is working, bringing in the right kind of traffic, and what content is attracting the ideal buyer personas.

Singup Conversion | Tracking and Intelligence using Clearbit's APIs

Sign up for Conversion | Tracking, and Intelligence using Clearbit’s APIs

Reveal API 👀

The Reveal API offers plenty of attributes that can be used for Google Analytics, such as – Traffic Type, Company Name & Domain, Industry, and Estimated Revenue Range These attributes can be used in analyzing and enhancing marketing and sales workflows.

Discovery API 🌐

The Discovery API will help teams discover companies that meet your unique criteria. For example, if a team wants to search for every company established between 2018-2021 using no-code technology. Clearbit’s Discovery API will promptly provide with the most relevant data.

Prospector API 🕵️

And finally, the Prospector API can help you pull prospects out of thin air by granting the ability to search for companies and pinpoint the highest-potential prospects from their vast network using multiple, thorough filters. Swiftly fetch all required contact information and emails associated with a company, employment role, seniority, job title, and the location at once!

Prospector | Clearbit

Prospector | Clearbit



Clearbit Benefits

Extensive Integrations

Clearbit integrates a variety of software, platform, and tools. Clearbit has been developed keeping in mind the latest marketing and sales stacks to help attract, qualify, and win over more customers. Clearbit integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Intercom, and more.


Clearbit has automation capabilities to put marketing, sales, and operational flows on autopilot, which enables teams to save time in routine processes. For this, teams can use integrations and connect them in a very intuitive manner.

Teams can instantly build pipelines of qualified leads, turn anonymous traffic into prospects, automatically send the right prospects to the right team members for faster conversions, and automate data on a regular basis so you never go wrong.

Clearbit for Sales Teams

Clearbit for Sales Automation

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