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Box x Mindflow


By mindflow

Box was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Box Overview

Box is a cloud storage solution. You can upload files such as documents, videos, photos, and so on to the service from any device (phone, tablet, or computer). Once stored, you can access those files anywhere.

The platform helps enterprises overcome content fragmentation to become an authoritative repository for business documents, delivering content services to simplify work.

It provides a single platform to accelerate business processes and increase employee productivity. The solution also continuously monitors how users access and use content, identifies new patterns, and alerts administrators about potential problems.

Since data on the cloud represent a target for attackers, the solution also protects your sensitive files with security controls, threat detection capabilities, and information governance with the Content Cloud.


By integrating with the platform, Mindflow allows users to orchestrate the functionalities to share the work inside secured containers and provide useful cloud telemetry for detection and remediation tools.


  • Allow your tools to connect with the data stored in your boxes.
  • Thanks to the telemetry delivered by the solution’s detection tools, enrich your data

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