Mindflow and Google Cloud Platform BigQuery have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

BigQuery Overview

BigQuery is a fully managed enterprise data warehouse. It helps you manage and analyze your data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analytics, and business intelligence. Its serverless architecture enables you to use SQL queries to answer your needs without managing the correlating infrastructure.

With the web-based solution machine learning capabilities, you can build models from structured or semi-structured data on a global scale directly using SQL.

Omni is a flexible, fully managed, multi-cloud analytics solution. It enables you to securely and cost-effectively analyze data from multiple clouds, including AWS and Azure. Use standard SQL and the classic interface to quickly answer questions and share results with centralized monitoring of your datasets.

BI Engine is an in-memory analytics service built on top of the solution. It enables users to interactively analyze large, complex data sets with sub-second query response times and high concurrency.

GIS combines the web-based solution’s serverless architecture and native geospatial analytics support for you to augment analytic workflows with location data.



  • Consult streaming data in real-time and receive updated information on all your company’s processes
  • Access analytics data from your organization and share it securely
  • Create powerful reports and dashboards using popular out-of-the-box business intelligence tools
  • Protect your data with default encryption and user-managed encryption keys

Automation Through Mindflow

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