Bad Packets





Bad Packets was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Bad Packets Overview

Bad Packets is a threat intelligence data provider to CERTs and ISACs that monitors exploits activities targeting vulnerabilities in enterprise networks, IoT devices, and cloud computing environments.

Thanks to a worldwide network of honeypots detecting active botnets, including Mirai malware variants, that scan the internet and engage in malicious activity. The solution constantly aggregates and analyzes the relevant data to provide actionable information besides locating these botnets and reporting them to the affected network providers, CERT teams, and law enforcement agencies. 

The command-and-control servers are then reported to appropriate agents, including CERT teams.

By integrating with the web-based solution, Mindflow allows its users to leverage the worldwide network to enrich their detection tools.


  • Automatic threat intelligence data provided to CERT teams
  • Curated feed of exploit activity, malware payloads, and command-and-control servers
  • Aggregation and analysis of relevant data (IoC, TTPs) against new threats

Automation Through Mindflow

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