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Area 1

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Area 1 and Mindflow have partnered to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information systems.

Area 1 Overview

Phishing attacks remain the primary cybersecurity threat to organizations of all sizes. Users are constantly lured into falling for phishing baits, leading to massive financial damage and data loss.

Existing defenses struggle with ever-evolving and sophisticated campaigns. These attacks’ speed, variety, and cunning underscore the urgent need for a new, advanced platform to address them.

Area 1 Horizon, a cloud-based service, is an email security solution. It relies on a 6.4PB+ attack data warehouse. The most extensive Web crawling capability ever built focused entirely on phishing campaigns, global active sensors, and small pattern analytics that surface emerging and active attacks evading your defenses. 

By integrating with Area 1 Horizon, Mindflow enables its users to enhance their phishing protection across all traffics vectors (Email, Web, Network) by detecting and disabling attacks before they cause damage by connecting them with their tools. 

area 1


  • Detect and stop all varieties of phish, including those delivering ransomware, malware, spoofs, and others
  • Provide executive protection through advanced BEC filtering
  • Leverage transparent and flexible deployment options for rapid onboarding

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