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AnnounceKit Overview

AnnounceKit was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their workloads.

What is AnnounceKit?

AnnounceKit is a no-code changelog tool that helps businesses efficiently deliver product updates and announcements to their website visitors and customers to increase feature adoption and user satisfaction. AnnounceKit provides an all-in-one platform for successful brands working in different sectors, like e-learning and information technologies.

It’s a comprehensive solution that handles preparing release notes (with GPT-3 powered Writing Assistant) and distributing them across all channels where customers and users hang out.



Who can use AnnounceKit?

AnnouceKit is designed to be used by different teams within the same organization. It is highly valuable for the Product teams to keep their users in the loop whenever they have a new feature or security update to share. But it is equally important for the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams as they can directly collect feedback and get useful insights from a single dashboard. Just like Mindflow, it makes users’ lives easier and saves them the necessary time that they can spend on important strategic tasks.

AccounceKit Features

Eye-catching Widgets

AnnouceKit prides itself on its fantastic user interface. The widgets are integrated into its customer’s products and websites. They never look out of place and feel like they are a native part of the interface.

Enhanced Visibility

AnnounceKit makes sure that all the updates and information are delivered to your users without failures. AnnouceKit makes it even better through multiple ways of announcing updates that get the user’s attention and keep them connected to the product. This also helps ensure that no user is ever confused when product development is moving fast.

Widget Showcase - AnnounceKit

AnnounceKit – Widget Showcase

Instant Feedback

Not only announcements AnnounceKit can also enable companies to collect user feedback for specific features. This is especially useful for measuring user happiness with new features. It is always better to create simple features that users love rather than create complex features that make the user’s journey difficult.

AnnounceKit - Feedback Feature

AnnounceKit – Feedback Feature

Email & Slack Notifications

AnnouceKit understands that not all users use every product actively or even daily. That’s why it has a Slack messaging and email feature to enable product teams to send updates directly to their user’s inboxes, be it on Gmail, Outlook, or Slack. Thus, teams can still keep them in the loop with the latest product updates.


Apart from announcements, emails, feedback, and messaging, AnnounceKit also enables product teams to view the analytics of every update they send to their users. This is a very useful feature for SaaS companies. For example, a critical update was not viewed by most of the users, but it must be shared with the maximum possible to


AnnounceKit Benefits

No-Code Customization

AnnounceKit is a powerful tool built into a very intuitive platform that doesn’t require teams to have any technical coding language. And, you know us, we love all things no-code. Teams can choose to create their workflows from scratch or use one of the ready-to-use templates to get a headstart.


AnnounceKit has some key communication integrations, such as Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, and Zapier. Users can further leverage Mindflow to integrate AnnouneKit with a wide variety of apps.

AnnounceKit Pricing

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Automation Through Mindflow

Automation Use Case

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