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Accenture acquired iDefense IntelGraph in 2017. Accenture iDefense IntelGraph was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to combat threats faster.

Accenture iDefense Overview

What is Accenture iDefense?

iDefense IntelGraph is part of Accenture’s cyberdefense offering and offers a range of services, from threat intelligence databases to threat-hunting and incident-response services. All in all, it is a threat intelligence platform that allows analysts to contextualize malware through the visualization of the relationship between malicious actors, the tools they use, and their target vulnerabilities.

Recent data shows that it can take over several months to detect a potential threat, and there will be a long time before any breach is resolved. This means that security teams often have to deal with more than they can handle on their own, so it’s worth considering outsourcing some of your work.

iDefense is an interactive graph that provides you with a graphical overview of different hackers, their tools, and the underlying vulnerabilities they exploit. This way, it offers unmatched contextual linkages and visualization capabilities that empower analysts with the data they need to make timely decisions.

accenture idefense intelgraph

Who can use iDefense?

iDefense IntelGraph is designed to allow analysts to conduct a real-time security analysis. To that end, it relies on a collection of proprietary threat intelligence data to run its distinctive analysis and power its APIs.

Analysts rely on the platform to gather relevant and actionable security insights in a timely manner.

Accenture iDefense IntelGraph

By integrating with iDefense IntelGraph, Mindflow allows its users to automate the threat intelligence analysis through iDefense IOCs collection from its platform.

Accenture iDefense benefits

Actionable threat intelligence

The solution focuses on delivering streamlined data to enable real-time and actionable threat intelligence to help analysts make better decisions faster.

Contextualization of the threat

Dynamic analysis of the malware, vulnerabilities, threat actors, domains, phishing emails, and targets allows for enhanced threat contextualization.

Single source of truth

The platform provides a single source of truth to analyze malware and IOCs, which helps SecOps to increase the ROI of investment in threat intelligence tools.

Automation Through Mindflow

Automation Use Case

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