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1Password was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system

1Password Overview

1Password is a password manager SaaS. It allows you to access and sync all your passwords and private documents across your devices using the same password vault.

On top of securely storing secrets, 1Password provides browser extensions that automatically fill forms to allow you to log in to your network accounts with a single click.

Finally, purchasing the solution also gives you access to Watchtower. The service tracks password breaches and other security issues such as weak, compromised, or duplicate so you can keep your accounts safe. It also lets you know which web pages don’t have 2FA enabled or use insecure HTTP.


The business plan provides additional services such as Single Sign-On to use your identity to access the secrets stored, Administrator status to set permissions and customize access according to users, groups, or vaults, and Integrations with IAM and IT solutions to provision users.


Watchtower notifies you of password-related security breaches and other security issues with 1Password items.

To counter phishing pages, 1Passwors only allow the filling of your credentials on the pages where you save them.

1Password only fills in your details after verifying that an identified developer created the browser.

To prevent people or clipboard tools from learning your secrets, the solution regularly deletes clipboard data.

The solution only displays or populates data when instructed, to protect your data from over-the-shoulder looks and browser-based attacks.

Automation Through Mindflow

Automation Use Case

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