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Google Cloud Asset Inventory was integrated by Mindflow to enable users to automate their incident management and better protect their information system.

Google Cloud Asset Inventory Overview

Google Cloud Asset Inventory offers inventory services based on a time series database. Gaining visibility into resources and policies is essential for tasks like IT ops, security analytics, fleet management, auditing, and governance. Google Cloud Asset Inventory provides one place to easily see an aggregated view, monitor, analyze, and understand all these assets across projects and services.

The database holds a five-week record of the inventoried Google Cloud asset metadata. It allows you to perform multiple actions, such as:

  • Search asset metadata by using a custom query language
  • Export all asset metadata at a certain timestamp or export event change history during a specific timeframe
  • Monitor asset changes by subscribing to real-time notifications
  • Analyze IAM policy to find out who has access to what

Google Cloud Asset Inventory


Fully managed and scalable inventory service to withdraw the need and cost of scalability and storage of your data.

Export your asset inventory by organizations, folders, or projects to a single place like a Cloud Storage bucket or a BigQuery table, then run analysis and data processing from this place.

Analyze the change history of assets during the last 30 days.

You can set up Cloud Pub/Sub channels to get real-time updates on any asset config change in your asset inventory. It reduces the frequency of exports and enables continuous monitoring.

The granularity of the control available on your asset inventory is down to each resource and policy type. This way, from a centralized inventory, you can achieve the least privilege in a fine-grained manner to a particular asset data down to each resource and policy type.

Cloud Asset Inventory integrates with BigQuery (also integrated by Mindflow and orchestrable through the platform) so that you can run complex queries using BigQuery once you export asset data from Cloud Asset Inventory.

Use the search functionality to identify a specific resource or IAM policy among your asset inventory to perform asset management and risk analysis.

Automation Through Mindflow

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